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Cowboys Tie for Seventh at Desert Intercollegiate
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We’ve worked out the rules of the internet, and they’re in today’s edition of the Joke of the Day!

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

~ Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

A bill before the Wyoming Legislature would allow industrial hemp farming in Wyoming. Hemp comes from the same plant as recreational marijuana, but hemp has a much lower level of THC, the ingredient that makes people “high.”   Should industrial hemp farming be legal in Wyoming?

The Obama Administration had instituted a rule that would ban people who were too mentally ill to manage their own affairs from owning guns. Republicans in Congress are repealing that rule, saying it infringes on their 2nd Amendment rights.   Should people who cannot manage their own affairs be allowed to own guns?

(WyomingNetwork does NOT represent this as a scientific poll.)
A bill before the Wyoming House would require doctors to explain to pregnant women considering an abortion that they could see an ultrasound of the fetus if they wished.   Should the Legislature decide what discussions doctors should have with their patients?

Yes, the Legislature should mandate specific discussion topics, especially concerning abortion

No, the Legislature should not get involved in discussions between doctors and patients

The Hathaway Scholarship was created to offer residents scholarships to attend college in Wyoming. The Legislature is now considering expanding the program to students who live in other states and want to attend college in the cowboy state.   Should students outside Wyoming be eligible for Hathaway Scholarships?

Yes, expand the program outside Wyoming

No, only Wyoming residents should be eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship


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